Me and my little lady Nikita.

Me and my little lady Nikita.

A bit about me...

I’m an animal and nature lover and I dream of living on a barge one day, sailing up and down the canals painting magical things that make me and (hopefully) other people smile… but for now I live in Lancashire with my Mum and Dad in the converted garage, looking out on to our little garden full of the local wildlife, which is mainly birds and the occasional cat until Stanley (the family Boxer dog) chases it off. I also own a lovely horse called Nikita, I use to compete her all over England, but she had to retire due to poorly legs. She’s now a lady of leisure and lives just around the corner from me.

Me and Stanley, the big butch Boxer dog.

Me and Stanley, the big butch Boxer dog.

What do I do And who can I help? 

As I said I’m a freelance watercolour artist and illustrator. I have quite a loose and delicate style that lends its self especially well to children’s illustration (children’s books, gifts, wall art, bolt fabric etc.) and branding for businesses with a handmade, ethical or natural feel to them. Although that being said, if you like my style and have something else in mind, please do get in touch, I’m more than happy to discuss your ideas with you.

 I also paint custom portraits (pet portraits, house portraits, people portraits, landscapes etc.) which make thoughtful and personal gifts and have a small range of prints and greetings cards which are available in my shop.

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How & why I started?

It all started after losing our family Boxer dog Melissa, I struggled with the loss and found painting pictures of her helped me to cope. Eventually I was persuaded to share them on Facebook and I started to get orders for pet portraits. Then in 2016 I had to have brain surgery to prevent an already worsening brain condition, (Chiari Malformation Syringomyelia) from getting pretty serious. Luckily the surgery was successful, but I was still left with a lot of symptoms that effected my day to day life. So, my original plan of using my degree in fashion design and textiles went out of the window and I decided to make my hobby into a business that would work around my health condition and put a positive spin on it all!

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