Carla Gebhard Designs

Watercolour artist and illustrator

Carla Gebhard is a watercolour artist and illustrator. Specialising in custom paintings for special gifts (pet portraits, landscapes and house portraits etc), artwork for branding , product packaging and children's book illustration.

Carla Gebhard Designs


I'm Carla, I'm a artist and Illustrator based in Lancashire. I try my best to only use eco friendly products and I love to work with like minded people and businesses. To help them add personality to their brands, enhance their product packaging and even help authors to bring their stories to life!

Branding illustration


There is so much more to branding than a nice logo and a colour scheme. It’s all about understanding your core values, setting a tone and telling your story. I’m not a branding expert by any means, but I can help you create a consistent looking brand throughout your website, social media, promotional materials and product packaging.

Custom paintings


Make thoughtful & personal gifts!

Children's book illustration


Watercolour illustrations can really help bring a story to life.

My illustrations can be used in so many different ways, the options really are endless! So if you think my illustrations could help your business in some way, I'd love to hear from you.